Personalized Consultation

During consultation, we discuss the recommended treatment plan, inform you about the price and the amount of time needed for the therapy.

Your first appointment in our dental practice is always a consultation combined with status assessment. Root canal treatment prognosis and the time the therapy requires can vary, therefore we can take on the procedure only after prior consultation, when we can estimate the outcome of the treatment.

What happens during consultation?

As a first step, we assess your general health status, for which you are requested to fill in a questionnaire. This is indispensable for a personalized treatment. Dental consultation and status assessment start with a discussion, during which your dentist will learn about your dental hygiene routines, teeth conditions, and asks you whether you smoke or drink alcohol regularly. After the initial discussion, the next step is the physical examination of your teeth and mouth (mucosa) by inspection and gentle tapping.
Following this, all the necessary diagnostic images will be taken, as it is inevitable in modern dentistry to rely on a proper diagnostic background. Successful treatments require X-ray and 3D CBCT images, as these scans can reveal hidden information barely detectable to the naked eye or even by careful clinical diagnostics.
Having the radiographic images analysed, we set up a treatment plan. Your dentist will prepare the best possible, personalized plan considering the your dental history and teeth conditions. Where there is a choice, your doctor will offer you several alternatives to consider, so that you can select the most suitable one.

What happens in emergency?

In urgent cases, we can offer you a consultation date within the day. Please, call us for information on our office hours.


Frequently asked questions and answers about consultation

QUESTION: How long does a consultation take?

ANSWER: Completing the documentation before consultation requires few minutes, and the session itself takes about 30 minutes.

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