Avoiding Resection

In practice, after an unsuccessful root canal treatment, revision (re-treatment) is recommended at a specialist. This way resection can be avoided.

In case of an unsuccessful root canal treatment, root tip resection (apicoectomy) is recommended in many cases. If the root canal treatment was not perfect, resection will neither be successful, and lead to further failure. Therefore, this is a treatment to be rarely applied. Re-treatment is possible even after an unsuccessful root tip resection.

Most of the resected teeth could have been saved from surgery, as after a thorough internal cleaning, these teeth heal and the surrounding bone recovers.



Case study

Treatment of lower 5: 35-year-old male with periapical deformation (surrounding the apex root). The patient contacted the dental practice with minor symptoms. His dentist found no problem with the root filling, so he recommended resection. The patient kept postponing the surgery due to a possible nervus mentalis damage. After having the root filling removed, we applied Ca(OH)2 to the tooth, and following a few months of medicinal treatment, new bone developed and the healing was complete.
Resection was therefore unnecessary.



Frequently asked questions and answers about avoiding resection

QUESTION: How can I avoid surgery?
ANSWER: If root canal treatment is performed under sterile conditions and in full accordance with the professional standards, if symptoms clearly subside and if the repeated X-ray scan indicates decreased lesion, surgery is unnecessary.

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