Paediatric Dentistry – Fissure Sealing

After their eruption, children’s teeth are very vulnerable and have a rather low mineral level, so we protect them by applying fissure sealants.

Our special fissure sealant differs from traditional sealants as it not only blocks out the deep grooves, but also transfers fluoride to the teeth for years due to its fluoride content. Compared to old composite fissure sealants, our coating material is not sensitive to moisture, thus we can rule out tooth decay around the edges. This is a key feature, as establishing perfect isolation is difficult with children, even though this is a fundamental requirement in case of composites.

After applying the fissure sealant, we have tooth surfaces that are easy to clean.

When our patients are kids, we try to make the treatment a fun experience.



Frequently asked questions and answers about paediatric dentistry

QUESTION: How often should I have my kids teeth checked by a dentist?

ANSWER: In case of regular visits, a check-up every six months or every year is recommended.

QUESTION: When do you recommend the first visit to the dental practice?

ANSWER: The sooner, the better, to make sure that your child feels safe in and gets used to the friendly atmosphere of the dental practice.

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