Treating Focal Infections

Focal teeth pose serious risks to your health. They might cause articular problems, cardio-vascular diseases, stroke or premature labour..

What is a focus?

By focus, we refer to the focus of infection, which is a continuous, hidden and localized infection.

Mistreated root canals and teeth with unclean surfaces are foci, causing gum inflammation, periodontal diseases and gum pockets. Bacteria in these pockets generate toxins, which accumulate in the joints and cardiac valves, in addition to unnecessarily increasing the bacteria load of the body. We treat tooth and periodontal infections.
This an infected root filling with spot hair loss. Confirmed focal tooth. Following the replacement of the root filling, the patient recovered.


spot hair loss, infected root filling

Re-treatment of a curved root canal

Frequently asked questions and answers about treating focal infections

QUESTION: Will my focal symptoms end after the treatment?

ANSWER: The focal disease ends if we treat the corresponding root cause. In this case, we aim to eliminate each tooth-related cause, and if symptoms subside, it clearly proves the dental origin of the disease. However, it might happen that symptoms persist, which indicates that the root cause of the disease is somewhere else, and it requires further (general medical) examinations.

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