Conservative Treatments

Inlays are similar to fillings, but they are prepared in a dental laboratory and are bonded into place.

Teeth that were restored multiple times are often fitted with a crown.  When crowns are made, the healthy surface of the filled teeth is filed down, “consuming” the external and internal tooth walls, for which a (metal) stud is often inserted into the tooth with the risk of fracture and tooth loss.

Yet, there is another solution. We prepare an inlay, which is a kind of filling made by a dental technician in a laboratory, based on your tooth imprint. This is important because it almost impossible to work in the mouth as hygienically as in a laboratory. In the mouth, saliva, blood, moisture or exhalation are always present and have an effect on the adhesion of the filling. The technician checks the edge tightness of the restoration under a microscope, and since tooth decay always starts around the edges, ensuring perfect tightness is the key factor of tooth restoration. The inlay will be supported against the tooth tips, thus fractures can be avoided, resulting in a permanently beautiful solution. We prepare aesthetic inlays (with natural tooth colour) and gold inlays, as well. The later a filling is replaced by a crown, the later a root canal treatment is needed with a stud implant, postponing the time when first a bridge, then a larger bridge and eventually a removable denture is required. We guarantee our work.

Aesthetic inlay

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Gold inlay

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Frequently asked questions and answers about inlays

QUESTION: What is the difference between aesthetic and gold inlays?

ANSWER: Gold inlays can be excellently moulded to close the tooth edges for an accurate result. We smooth its edges onto the tooth, fully closing any gaps and preventing further tooth decay. They are stronger and more durable than aesthetic inlays. However, if you find aesthetics more important, we recommend an almost invisible inlay.

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