“It was a superb experience. It’s difficult to put it into words as it must sound rather strange (especially because we are talking about a dental treatment), but I am extremely grateful that I had the chance to come here and receive such a careful treatment. It’s one thing that the atmosphere here is very pleasant, friendly and homely, but I am also fascinated by the expertise and dedication I experienced. I felt no pain, and there was nothing unpleasant during the treatment. Maybe coming here for the first time was the “worst”, because I was afraid in advance…. But since then, no fear at all. The reason was a tooth sentenced to extraction, but you saved it, so let me thank you very, very much!” G.K.

“Following the root canal filling, my joint problems ended almost immediately, within few days. The treatment worked wonders. Thank you!” Z.A.

“I’ve been visiting Dr Judit Jeney for dental treatments for years. Professionally, she is extremely well-prepared, and she has carried out several complex dental treatments on me, which were absolutely tolerable (regarding time and pain). She pays special attention to minimizing pain during the treatment, and she also takes care of the patients’ internal well-being. She always kept informing me during the treatments, and told me where we were and what she was doing. I like to know what is happening to me, as this way it is much easier to get over the treatments. She also has a great personality, she is very nice, attentive and considerate. She uses cutting edge equipment: she showed me several innovations, and even tried out new materials and dental processes on me. (Of course with my permission and under the greatest care.) Later, her colleague, Dr Panna Steinbach also treated me a few times. Similarly, I can only say positive things about her, as she excellently internalized and put into practice all the knowledge Dr. Jeney shared with her. She is also very precise, and works beautifully and with great care. I believe, I must also add that Dr. Jeney always describes the exact procedure of the treatment, offers alternatives if possible, so that the patient can select the most suitable version based on price, materials and quality. I must also note that I have always received an invoice on the treatments. The atmosphere is friendly, everybody is kind, and for a few years, my wife and my two daughters have also become regular patients here. I can truly recommend this place!” J.B.

“Let me thank you for my brilliant tooth canal treatment on Monday. You could teach the professional, fast and 98% pain-free treatment you carried out yesterday on a panicking patient. By the way, many dentists claim that they perform painless root canal treatments, but as I had experienced it, when there is inflammation, the chances are rather high for a very painful treatment. I don’t want to reflect on how they performed root canal treatments 30 years ago, but I could write a full thesis paper on the conditions of that era. All in all, 30 years ago, orthodontics ruined at least 4-6 of my teeth, and the quality of root canal treatments at that time would now be a horror story of many pages if I were to write it down…. I am neither satisfied with the dental medicine which meant childbirth pains during a root canal treatment in 2013 (inflamed tooth). At least, the quality and methodology today are far better than they were 30 years ago. I am rather inclined to contact one or two dentists from my childhood to chat about those “good old times”…. Tooth drilling without water … unbearable pain with no anaesthesia. As if the ghost of Dr Mengele had haunted the paediatric dental practices of that era… Those days, nobody heard of tartar (at least we, the patients were uninformed) – and I guess, if I had already been 40 years old 30 years ago, I would have lost all my teeth by now. Thanks to the transformed view of today’s dentistry, my teeth are so far functional. As there really is a huge difference between having 0 or 30 teeth. I have always preferred conservative treatments. HUF 200,000 for a root canal treatment seems to be higher than average under Hungarian income conditions (after all the result is a devitalized, though own tooth), especially if one session of the treatment is very painful – but such costs should be divided by several years.  Therefore, if the result is a tooth functioning for further 10 years, the investment is HUF 20,000 per year.” F.J.

“I experienced a dramatic change in the joint of my left leg, after Panna treated my upper left 6. I had oedema in my left leg for years, especially in my knee. I also had a backache of mysterious origin after riding and after carrying my grandchildren a little more than usual. My rheumatologist detected hip erosion on the left, which was a very upsetting diagnosis. Last winter, my left leg was 2 cm thicker than the right. However, after the root canal treatment, all these symptoms disappeared, I can once again go horse riding, I can run much better, and my knee has a normal size. It is a light, pleasant feeling.” K.B.

““Yesterday, I received a crown on my root canal treated tooth. I am always of the opinion that professionalism is also indicated by the people you work with. This is why I cannot pass the dental work without comment. My crown is perfect. The form, the surface, the colour and especially the occlusion. They are all great, I like them very much. I absolutely did not expect this. Of course, this required a dentist as talented and skilful as Panna.” V.K.

“I visited the dental practice to have an unsuccessful root canal treatment corrected. Dr. Judit Jeney and her team performed professional work, which I must thank. I am very grateful for their kind and attentive approach. The dental practice has a cordial atmosphere, all the work is done very pleasantly, which is brilliantly combined with the fact that every detail displays a high level of expertise and perfection. Not many medical practices have made me feel important. As a first positive surprise, Dr. Jeney came up to me while I was filling in the forms, and she introduced herself. I immediately noticed that her smile was honest and sincere (unlike the fake smile of many other doctors). I received detailed information on the risks of root canal treatment (which my previous dentist unfortunately forgot to share). She showed me the CT image and extensively explained the condition and the planned treatment of my ill tooth. She calmly answered all my questions, and set my anxiety at rest. Her whole personality radiates with knowledge and professional humility. The fee of the treatment is quite high in the Hungarian context, but having experienced the technology she uses, and the care, precision and the sympathetic approach of the team, I find it worth visiting this practice. Here, you will always know that they will do their professional best. Moreover, the treatment was not at all painful, and she will check up on my tooth for 4 years after the treatment. “É.M.
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