Dr. Jeney Judit

“Would you have thought that a root canal therapy could be boring?”
I graduated from Semmelweis University of Medicine. I established the basis of my professional development under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Péter Windisch. Following this, I started my own private practice in 2001. I passed my basic qualifying exam in 2001, and obtained my qualification in Conservative Dentistry and in Prosthodontics in 2005, and in Periodontology in 2008.
I take special care of periodontal diseases, since the internal treatment of the tooth yields no success on its own if the supporting structure itself is damaged. Therefore I also pay particular attention to the tissues around the tooth. In 2010-2011, I successfully completed the Endodontics course, the Curriculum in Germany, following which I was the first in Hungary to introduce microscope-assisted root canal treatment.
I am truly passionate about the microscope, and it captivated me the moment I first used it to take a glimpse into a tooth. I am fascinated by the astonishing anatomy it reveals, and I see each tooth as a “miracle” on its own. This why I am genuinely absorbed by every case. This overwhelming enthusiasm might also contribute to my keen accuracy, which I consider as the fundamental basis of successful treatments.
I apply cutting-edge, internationally accepted therapies and technologies and I am proud to say that my professional knowledge is up-to-date since I continuously enhance my skills by attending international courses. My dedication and my curiosity trigger my excitement regarding new instruments, therefore our practice is now an island equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic appliances to meet every demand. I am proud to start work each morning in a place where I am surrounded by the best colleagues and assistants, supporting me with their endless dedication and expertise.



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I am the member of the German Society of Endodontology and the European Society of Endodontology.



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Media Appearances

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