Why choose us

Diagnostics supported by unique technical equipment to ensure the most appropriate treatment. To establish a diagnosis, we take high resolution 3D images using a special CBCT scanner.

Treatments to preserve natural teeth, avoiding extraction or implantation in as many cases as possible. We always aim to ensure that treatments are painless and performed in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

High-precision, microscope-aided root canal treatment, being one of the most precisely performed dental procedures in Hungary. The system is connected to a full HD multimedia recording system for documentation purposes.

Preventive programme, reducing the risk of tooth decay. Scaling, which prevents various periodontal inflammations, and is of key importance in treating gingivitis and periodontitis. Professional cleaning contributes to maintaining your recovered dental health and results in an aesthetic improvement. Tartar removal helps you in achieving and maintaining good dental hygiene. It’s hard to believe, but joint problems are often caused by a dental disorder.

Outstanding professional excellence managed by Dr. Judit Jeney, member of DG Endo (German Society of Endodontology) since January 2010.

In addition to general dental procedures, we primarily focus on providing the highest level of conservative treatments and professional, long-lasting restorations, the quality of which gives our dental practice the leading edge in Budapest. It also says a lot about our high service quality that we always guarantee our work, by which we further reassure our patients and increase their confidence in us. Our principal doctor is Dr. Judit Jeney specialized dentist, whose Hungarian and international work, studies and unparalleled dedication are further guarantees to you.

Guarantee Conditions

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