Microscopic Root Canal Treatment – For Referring Dentists

I believe that it enhances the quality of any dental practice if they cooperate with a practice of another specialization. This is already common in the areas of oral surgery or orthodontics, but we can do the same in endodontics for the sake of a more accurate prognosis. Endodontics is a key pillar of dentistry, but it is often a major challenge for the dentists, especially if the canals to be treated are curved or tapered, if there are perforations and if traditional techniques are ruled out. Unfortunately root canal treatments are often unsuccessful, however, by applying state-of-the art, microscope-aided techniques, we can give the tooth a second chance. By using the microscope in combination with modern technology, teeth with dubious prognosis can be saved to the greatest satisfaction of the patients.  This way, a tooth restoration can be saved or an implantation can be avoided.
As I am specialized in endodontics, let me offer you my help and assist your work in the area of endodontics. I enhance my knowledge on a regular basis on international conferences. I am proud to say that I practise endodontics successfully and our treatments meet the highest international standards given the current state of scientific progress.
We perform root canal treatments using coffer dam isolation and under microscope in every case. We prepare and clean the canals with ultrasound. We apply the Crown down technique and use manual and mechanical NiTi instruments to flare the canals. Root filling is performed vertically, with a 3D thermoplasticized gutta-percha, applying the Schilder/Buchanan technique. Vertical root filling is better than the lateral-condensation procedure, since it facilitates the perfect filling of often oval and irregular canals. For temporary dressing, we use Ca(OH)2 paste.

We guarantee that we will refer your patients back to you after the root canal treatment.

We will send you a letter including the X-ray scans and the microscopic images, together with a recommended treatment plan based on the prognosis.
Our dental practice offers a comprehensive endodontic treatment starting from treating canals with the most complicated anatomy to endo-periodontal lesions.

Send us your patients requiring a special endodontic treatment, and we will refer them back to you with a successfully performed final root filling.

We welcome your patients in relaxing and friendly environment in the vicinity of Nyugati (Western Station). We always aim to ensure that treatments are painless and performed under relaxed conditions to the greatest satisfaction the dentists and patients alike.

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